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Join Adler and his friends on an adventure that will change their lives forever!


You will follow the adventure of Adler, a high school student who lives in the town of Serna. After having an argument with his father, he discovers a book with missing pages, followed by having dreams about a world full of fantasies. Adler eventually discovers that the book will grant him a wish once he gathers all its pages, so he embarks on a journey to retrieve the lost pages in the dream world.

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The combat revolves around a set of moves selected by the player, which are shuffled randomly each turn. This leads to strategic decision-making as players have to carefully choose their cards.

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The player remains challenged by the randomness that each encounter has. The implementation of the random move deck adds excitement and avoids the monotony commonly found in traditional RPGs.

Two Worlds!

In the real world you will explore to acquire new attacks and meet your friends, with whom you will learn secrets about your family and town.

_Dos mundos 100%

The world of dreams is where you will fight against the Ereums. Monsters that the king commands to attack and hinder your mission of obtaining The Book of Glory.

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